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rigemd [userpic]

Subject- Intransitive Verb Pattern or S-IV Pattern

November 25th, 2009 (08:37 pm)

Subject- Intransitive Verb Pattern or S-IV Pattern


Study the following sentences:

She studied.

The dove returned.

The choir sang.

The old wizard spoke.

The sun shone.


Note that no other words are needed to complete the thought of the sentence. The verbs studied, returned, sang,, spoke and shone complete the message without a complement or a receiver of the action of the verb. These verbs that do not need complements are called intransitive verbs.


A complete sentence may be made with just a subject and an intransitive verb. This kind of basic pattern can be represented by S-IV. The S-IV pattern provides the basis for many kinds of sentences. For example, you can lengthen the sentences by telling how, when or where without changing the basic pattern


She studied diligently. (how)

She studied in France. (where)

The choir sang yesterday. (when)

The old wizard spoke eloquently. (how)

The choir sang gracefully at the Cathedral. (how, where)

The choir sang gracefully at the Cathedral yesterday. (how, where, when)



Exercise: Complete the following sentences using S-IV pattern.


1.       The princess _____.

2.       The cat _____.

3.       _____ swam quickly.

4.       He _____.

5.       They _____.

6.       The fairy godmother _____.

7.       ______ wept bitterly last night.

8.       ______ smiled brightly at me.

9.       The horse _____.

10.   The panda _____.